A documentary about long distance backpacking or through hikes told from the John Muir Trail that winds through some of America's highest mountains deep in the Sierra's of California. Two people with a lucky undecided third making the trek along this historical wonder land of awe and beauty, we will share our own stories and invite others along the trail to share theirs as well.  Discussions will revolve around long through hikes in general, such as the infamous PCT and Appalachian Trail, along with many other notable hikes. The project is in the planning stages as we weigh the impacts of the 2016-2017 winter and its unbelievable snowpack in the Pacific Region. This page will stand as a background and an information space with updates, photos, and stories to inspire you to search for your own journey in the wild places.



The historic John Muir Trail cuts through one of the most ruggedly beautiful places in the world, starting in Yosemite National Park and continuing 211 miles through the Ansel Adams Wilderness, Sequoia National Park and King’s Canyon National Park, winding up at 14,496FT Mount Whitney—the highest peak in the continental U.S. 




Mark Rainha is a professional photographer/ videographer with a keen eye for action sports, nature, and documenting compelling stories. First creating a name for himself in the world of BMX with a unique riding style and passion for all things visual, Mark continued to search for those beautiful moments of balance in nature. From Mt. Adams to Mount St. Helens, he has summited some of the Pacific Northwest’s highest peaks, as well as hiking the circumference of Mt. Hood on the Timberline Trail and exploring everywhere from Gifford Pinchot to the Enchantment Lakes Basin. 



Nate Betteker has been a creative and productive person in and out of the outdoor and snowboard industries of past and present. After a stint as a snowboard coach helping hone the skills of future professional athletes, he went on to work for Holden Outerwear and then Poler Outdoor Stuff—becoming an integral part of both company’s success. Of late, Nate has found a new love of exploration by backpacking in some of the Cascade Mountain Range’s greatest treasures. When he’s not wandering off on 30-plus thru-hikes, he has been known to cover hundreds