A Canadian Point of View

Just over a week ago long time friend Clay Brown and myself could be found Careening down the steep terrain of the Whistler Blackcomb resort in western British Columbia. For years this place was on my list of places to snowboard and thanks to the introduction of multi-mountain snow passes (check Ikon Pass or Epic Pass) the timing was ripe. Conditions weren’t all time, but with over 8,000 acres of big mountain experience there was no shortage of runs to explore. Here is a quick edit, filmed on the GoPro Hero 7 Black, showcasing some of those moments.

The Switch

As any professional photographer or videographer can proclaim is their loyalty to a certain brand name when it comes to cameras. Canon users and Nikon users debate the pros and cons of each person's choice. One crowd stands firm with DSLR cameras, where others excitedly dive into the new mirrorless lines. For as long as I remember I have been a Canon shooter. I grew up in a Canon house. With my more recent focus on both sides of the spectrum, video and photo, and the need for more compact and versatile camera body I have finally made the leap into the world of mirrorless.

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HER Portland Premiere

In a basic roundabout description HER is an app and an online platform that celebrates people in the LGBTQ world, and provides a place for people to gather, meet each other, form events, and more. Recently a friend connected me to the two women tasked with the HER presence in Portland to discuss the Premiere party for HER in the city, and how I could help with video services. Working with them both was great and the seeing such a successful event and speaks to the hard work Monica and Katie, as well as the other volunteers put into it. 

Ransom Six: DIY Promo

Working with an infamous jack of all trades like Jared Souney always brings some new and interesting content. As a professional photographer, veteran magazine editor, graphic designer and digital media professional for Yobeat Jared leads by example the simple mantra of if you want something make it yourself. His new venture is handmade bags and apparel under the name Ransom Six. From beginning to end, in all aspects of Ransom Six's identity and products, Jared's skills are at play. Recently we discussed creating a video of him in the process of designing and production of a tote bag to use in social media. This is the result. The vibe and feel closely resembles Jared's DIY spirit and the over all day to day mood in the shop.

Vivid Series Vol.1

As an outdoor lifestyle videographer / photographer I find myself constantly with a camera in reach, ready to capture those fleeting moments of perfect natural light, encounters with wild inhabitants, and highlights of action. I find myself building a larger library of clips than I can use. In an attempt to waste little I am starting a series, one that highlights some of these better moments I've filmed in short videos to come out quarterly. Enjoy!


Something many might not know about me is I come from Portugese decent. My last name lays claim to that. Beyond that fact I can't say much more about my heritage. We don't celebrate our backgrounds that much in my family, being we are a mixed bag of different ethnic nationalities, but the Portugese stands out to me as an important part of me anyways. I've always considered visiting Portugal, although it was never more than a passing thought. When Jen one day brought up her idea to visit the lesser visited southwestern coastal country it perked my curiosity. Then she mentioned the strong surf culture and I was more than convinced. With tickets booked, places to stay lined up, and a smattering of portugese phrases learned we took off over the arctic circle towards warmer, dryer climates.

We lined up a good overall experience staying a few days in a small coastal fishing town of Peniche, a few days at the surf mecca Ericeira, home of the world surf reserve, and a few days in the bustling capital of Lisbon. With some day trips to other cultural hubs like Porto and Cintra we took in a lot of what Portugal had to offer up, each unique to the areas and people that called them home. A glimpse into life in portugal can be seen in these images, but nothing less than making the pilgrimage yourself can really show you just how enticing Portugal really is. Getting back to our roots is a journey we should all take at least once in our lives.