An important part of visual story telling includes having the resources to create that content. Goal Zero was our first choice for partnership, with their industry leading products and focus on the outdoor lifestyle. With Goal Zero not only can we have the energy for the cameras and audio, but also for our GPS, head lamps, and flashlights. On a through hike these items are essential for a successful adventure. I'd recommend Goal Zero for anyone venturing out in the backcountry.


Our feet are our most important tool on the trail. They are the key to covering those miles day in and day out. Small injuries like Blisters and cracked skin create an uncomfortable and hazardous situation very quickly. Caring for our feet while hiking is a major focus for those of us venturing out in the wild places. We must be vigilant in keeping our feet dry and warm. We are excited about partnering with Stance Socks to accomplish this very goal. After being a big presence in other aspects of life Stance Socks has begun developing socks more specific to the needs of outdoor adventures.