The Switch

As any professional photographer or videographer can proclaim is their loyalty to a certain brand name when it comes to cameras. Canon users and Nikon users debate the pros and cons of each person's choice. One crowd stands firm with DSLR cameras, where others excitedly dive into the new mirrorless lines. For as long as I remember I have been a Canon shooter. I grew up in a Canon house. With my more recent focus on both sides of the spectrum, video and photo, and the need for more compact and versatile camera body I have finally made the leap into the world of mirrorless. Having worked on projects before with the Sony line I found myself drawn to them. There is an obvious learning curve, reshaping my work flow and discovering new ways to frame an  image, with motion or still. This learning curve is my new motivation to have a camera close by for many of life's moments. I want to immerse myself in the Sony world and develop a comfort with the A7Rii; one that I've had spent many years creating with my Canon. So, with that said, look for weekly posts and new video edits to pepper out. Here are some photos from the past week, putting it to the test.

KC Badger always has that consistent style on a bmx, he's easy to shoot and fun to cruise with. A few shots of his classic gems on Portland Concrete.

Oregon has no shortage of breathtaking vistas and climates of all shapes and sizes. With impending rain on the west side of the Cascades we headed east towards the sage brush and high desert plains. Exploration for future treks.