Something many might not know about me is I come from Portugese decent. My last name lays claim to that. Beyond that fact I can't say much more about my heritage. We don't celebrate our backgrounds that much in my family, being we are a mixed bag of different ethnic nationalities, but the Portugese stands out to me as an important part of me anyways. I've always considered visiting Portugal, although it was never more than a passing thought. When Jen one day brought up her idea to visit the lesser visited southwestern coastal country it perked my curiosity. Then she mentioned the strong surf culture and I was more than convinced. With tickets booked, places to stay lined up, and a smattering of portugese phrases learned we took off over the arctic circle towards warmer, dryer climates.

We lined up a good overall experience staying a few days in a small coastal fishing town of Peniche, a few days at the surf mecca Ericeira, home of the world surf reserve, and a few days in the bustling capital of Lisbon. With some day trips to other cultural hubs like Porto and Cintra we took in a lot of what Portugal had to offer up, each unique to the areas and people that called them home. A glimpse into life in portugal can be seen in these images, but nothing less than making the pilgrimage yourself can really show you just how enticing Portugal really is. Getting back to our roots is a journey we should all take at least once in our lives.