Hole In The Wall

Hole in the Wall

Along the final length of the 101 highway the road winds up the coast, eventually wrapping inland to find views of the Olympic Mountains. The coastline in Northern Washington has some incredible gems to explore. About 15 miles west of the 101, just outside of a well known town thanks to the infamous book series turned movies of werewolves and vampires dealing with teenage love, waits Rialto beach. Find a spot for the car, throw on a pack, and begin the slow hike up the beach.

A little over a mile the rock out croppings begin to come into sight. One rock ledge divides the beach, offering only a natural doorway that is accessible at low tide. Also accessible are the vast range of tide pools displaying so many different ocean creatures. On our search we came across several starfish, sea urchants, and even an octupus. The shoreline is scattered with Old Growth trees dried into gigantic pieces of driftwood by the encroaching tides. Behind these trees you can find shelter and many unique camping spots to post up and watch the sun set and the waves roll in. This is only the first stage of a much longer possible hike 2o miles up the coastline, weaving in and out of the canvas of trees and sandy beaches. We spent the night at Hole in the wall before turning back, but the next trip may take us further up. Exciting to think what else we will find along the trail north.