Early Bird

Early Bird

Recently the Toyota made its way over the border to get a first hand glimpse of a Canadian gem.  When we think about British Columbia different images come to mind; old growth forests, bears and cougars, Molson beer, snow and mountains, and pristine coastlines are a few of them. Cruising along the I-5 interstate, passing Seattle, the mountains begin to take a much more dramatic shape. The clouds over the horizon begin to blend with the jagged mountain range. Eventually the car rolls slowly towards the border, just in time for the sun to set with a backdrop of Vancouver looming in the distance. The mountain range behind the city is bordered with lights from the 3 local ski areas, snaking down the hillside.  We have arrived.

Our short journey into the north was sure to be interesting. The morning started with a delicious brunch at The Whole Veggie. Not sure if it is a Canadian thing but chinese cuisine usually comes with rice or noodles; not this time. Still it was  good enough for a return trip the following day. When you find tofu drumsticks you take advantage.

A short drive after to check out the Hastings Park, we came across a serious skate session. Proper etiquette means don't interrupt a good session. A little further down the street we found a little gem with a bowl full of iced over water, banks, and ledges. The sign in the parking lot warned people of bears, cougars, and coyotes on the trail. Not bad for an inner city park. The session was short but sweet, as we headed off to Linn Canyon. Another clash of nature and civilization, the Canyon lies just on the northeast border of the city. A few steps down from the parking lot and you find yourself swinging on an overcrowded suspension bridge over a hundred feet of the ground.

The waterfalls around you are a great distraction away from the swaying motion of the bridge. Within a twenty minute hike we found 2 bridges and 5 waterfalls. Not bad considering we never left the city.

Waking up at 8 a.m. on Sunday, I had my bike in hand and headed out the hotel door. 34 degrees out, but the early bird gets free reign of the Hastings Skatepark. The dry day before held over, keeping the bowls dry. With a quick examination of what I was about to ride it became apparent there was ice on all the coping, perfectly coating the steel pipes. No problem, just adjust the drop-in.

Not many parks get my blood flowing, but this one was enough to call for a helmet from the first minute you roll in. The lines were fast and clean. Its a spiritual moment rolling through the concrete waves with traces of snow on the ground and the mountains looking down on me.

So with another round of Whole Veggie and some snacks for the road we headed south again, back over the border towards Oregon. What was the purpose of this trip; celebrating six years with Sherry with more adventures to come. One lesson learned from this trip though, check the bag for all the battery charges. Glad to have a some what decent phone camera....