Criminal from Kawehi on Vimeo.

This blog was originally created for me to showcase some projects I have done or have contributed to. In anticipation for a much larger project I am hinting to now I want to include stories about other people who are inspiring and talented in a way I think should be noted. Kawehi is a good representation of this.

USA, The Cover Series: IMAGINE by John Lennon (Cover by Kawehi) FOR PETER from Kawehi on Vimeo.

For now lets consider the D.I.Y aspect of her work. She gives her perspective on a song using loop pedals and different acoustics to create unique covers. Not only this, but she uses the power of vimeo to showcase it for everyone to see. There is no huge profit margin for this woman; just the absolute love for what she does. Set up shop in front of the camera, press record, begin to shape the audio, then share it with the world. Her use of Kickstarter to fund her projects is an incredible way for her to keep rights and control for her to decide. It also eliminates the middle man, allowing the audience to interact and to be a part of her work. All of these points show that the "do it yourself" attitude is one to be admired and learned from.

USA, The Cover Series: ROYALS (cover by Kawehi) from Kawehi on Vimeo.

Beyond the fact she chose to create the music she has and document it on her own lets consider the work she actually has accomplished. I really appreciate the direction you can go when covering another song. You can play the cover almost completely unchanged, paying homage to the original artists; but when a person takes that cover song and puts in their little twists and shapes to bring a version of how that song sounds to them they can really come out with styles that may have not been considered before. There are those that should remain as not to be considered, but there absolutely are many that bring a song to life in a whole new way. Kawehi is the latter. Her renditions expand into new avenues by using stacked loops of harmony and beats interlaced with some great vocals. I suggest everyone following her and showing her support.