Branching Out

There have been a few moments on here where I have seemed MIA. This is not for lack of effort. Recently I have had some exciting opportunities to work together with some incredible people promoting some great causes with videos. Both of the projects, The Watershed Research Cooperative and Driftwood Magazine were successful in bringing their messages to the public.  For instance, the Watershed Research Cooperative video was used to highlight one of the most extensive research projects in existence, discussing the impacts of timber harvest on headwater streams and the life within them. Frank Creative, the people behind the scenes on this project were some of the best people to work with.

Driftwood magazine came to me asking for help with their Kickstarter video, which is key to running a successful campaign. With the video and rewards offered Driftwood magazine was able to receive enough support and as you read this the first printed edition is in the works. You can see the video and read more about their campaign at Driftwood Magazine.

Working with both of these groups was such an amazing experience for me and allowed me to bringing my creativity to causes I believe in. Lets see if we can keep projects like these coming to the blog more often.