In Living Color

In Living Color:

One thing about photography is it doesn't always take the best equipment or the most skilled professional to showcase your point of view. Sometimes the image comes alive for you. And since you are standing there at just the right moment you experience it and given the chance to document it. With the innovation of cameras in smart phones and just about everything else it's not very likely that you won't have a camera on you somewhere. When these experiences come about we are able to share it with everyone with the touch of a few buttons. So during a long day on the job I came across this newly hatched nest of spiders scrambling around the web. Their bright yellow and black contrasting colors just caught my attention. To consider something so small and brilliant one of our biggest phobias seems contradictory, but many times justifiable. The point behind this babble is nothing important; just to consider your surroundings more and share it. In contrast to the first image here is the opposite depth of field showcasing plant life instead of insect. Two scenes I thought worth sharing.