Enjoy The Trick "2013 Winter Classic"

Recently BSR's Joe Loumena and Flatwebtv's Anthony Buglio came together with many others to bring us the annual Enjoy The Trick Winter Classic flatland jam and high hop comp. These are always a good time with people traveling from far to be in the Portland city limits for what ends up being a good time for everyone on a bike. One of the things I appreciate about these jams are they are all inclusive. Street riders, dirt jumpers, flatlanders, and anyone else come to join in on the fun. The ages of riders varied between 15 and 46; if that doesn't tell you how wide of a range the riders and experience was.

In collaboration with BSR, Enjoy the Trick, Flatwebtv, and Community Bmx we pieced together an edit for all of you to enjoy. Special thanks to the Lumberyard for the support and hospitality.